Our General Approach

Eat meats, vegetables, nut and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. If it grows in the ground or walks, swims, flies on Earth, it’s probably safe to eat. Keep caloric intake at levels to support activity but not body fat.

The best programming, highest intensity, and calorie burning workouts in the world can’t out work a bad diet. We are believers in eating real foods. Foods that are minimally processed and consist of no more than a handful of ingredients, ideally one.

We are also believers in cooking. Hands-down, the largest obstacle we see when helping others improve their nutrition is the act of cooking. Put simply, if you had to cook everything you ate, you’d be in much better health. We see this trend in the history of our culture as well. As food became more “convenient” and quicker to get to our plates, the health of our country as a whole declined at an increasingly faster rate.

Nutrition Challenges

Over the course of the year we will hold several “Nutrition Challenges” to bring more awareness and understanding about nutrition to our members. These challenges will have some main focus, such as quality or quantity, that will change over time and with each new challenge. Some ground rules will be laid out to keep us true to our goals and they’ll range from 1-3 months in length.

Examples of such a challenge could be one focused on eating Paleo only, where what is and isn’t considered Paleo would be spelled out specifically beforehand. Another could be macro focused, where we focus more on the ratio of protein to carbs to fat that we eat throughout the day. Others could be specific elimination diets where we agree on what not to eat for the next 6 weeks.

We use points systems to track progress during the challenge and then before and after information to give a better understanding of what worked and to what degree. This could be before and after body fat measurements, or even before and after bloodwork to show what is really going on inside. There are more accurate weighs to measure health than bodyweight alone and we’ll explore those as well.

Challenges will be announced on the blog and at the gym so stay tuned and until then checkout some of our go-to websites for nutrition information as well as recipes!