Can I still start now?

Yes! We understand that different people will come in at different places in terms of fitness level and knowledge. Our classes are kept small purposely so we can give plenty attention to each athlete. Classes are led from start to finish by a Level 3 CrossFit Trainer (less than 10 in OR) with over 10 years experience. We can modify all movements to meet you where you’re at today and give you a clear path to continue moving forward. If you can get yourself in the door, we’ll take care of the rest! Book an Intro here.

What if I have an injury or simply can’t do something?

We are very familiar with working around limitations including injuries, and using a fundamental understanding of anatomy and physiology we can modify any and all movements so you can still get the most out of your time here. In some instances it may mean doing a completely different movement to avoid the injured area, or it may mean doing a modified version that helps to rehab the injury while also getting at the intention of the original movement. Either way, it allows you to continue working within the group but specific to you. If you’re able to get yourself into the gym, we can work with you.

What is your schedule?

You can find the schedule here and please keep in mind that it is constantly evolving. As we see certain hour filling up consistently we will add more hours so everyone can be accommodated.

Do you require class sign-ups?

Yes, we feel that a little commitment on your part helps with accountability. It also help us keep class sizes down allowing everyone to get more 1-on-1 attention.

What if the only class I can attend is already full?

Please sign-up anyway and you’ll be prompted to get on the waiting list. Once on the waiting list you’ll be notified if anyone cancels and athletes will be enrolled in the order of the waiting list.We are always working to make the schedule more efficient for everyone and if we see a specific time that often has a waiting list we will add another class to the schedule to accommodate the higher demand. Until then, we hope you can find another hour that works with your schedule or come in for Open Shop anytime there is a class.

Do you have Open Gym times?

No, but anytime there is a class hour on the schedule the gym is open to members. Many members come early or stay after class to work on weaknesses or known mobility issues, again assuming there is a class before or after. If you do this please be respectful of the class that is going on at the time and understand that classes always have priority over equipment, space and the coaches attention.

Can I bring my kids with me?

Absolutely! We have a kids room in the back they can hangout in while you get to moving. We also have free Wi-Fi if they have devices that require it to keep them busy, just ask staff for the password. The room is located in the back of the gym where only members can get to and has a large window so you can see in and they can see out.

How often should I come?

This will be different for everyone, but in short we suggest listening to your body. The programming is put together in a way that tracks movement patterns, time domains and stimulus in an effort to achieve the best well-rounded program without overtraining in any one specific area. If your nutrition, sleep and stress levels are all at their best, you could probably come in everyday. For most, this is not the case though, so listen to your body and when you feel too drained or beat up, take the day off. Progress won’t be made OR lost in one day. Please refer to injuries on how to work around injuries and don’t assume that if you have one you can’t do anything and must take the day off. There is almost always something you can do, so communicate with your Coach when you come in.