We are a CrossFit gym with a passion for gymnastics and strongman training. It is our belief that this combination makes for a healthy and balanced practice for the everyday person leading to more capable, resilient and confident bodies that can be of better use outside the gym walls.

CrossFit will provide our base of conditioning. We will go short, medium and long with light and heavy weights and we’ll mix things up constantly so that you’re always having to adapt and to keep it fresh.

Through strongman we will teach you how to carry and move odd objects, which has more carryover to real-life. Teaching a nurse how to pickup a barbell off the floor is good, but teaching a nurse how to pickup a sandbag and move it is more useful.

Strongman type training also allows us to load the body with less complex movements better prepping it for the higher intensity work.


Gymnastics gives us an arena to apply our fitness and work toward more long-term movement goals. The balance, coordination, and control learned here will also spill over into everything else we do with our bodies as will the natural gains in mobility.

Not to worry, this is not the sport of gymnastics like you see on television. Our gymnastics include all bodyweight movements that develop and demonstrate strength and coordination. They’re also movements that have a developed progression so regardless of your current fitness level we can meet you where you’re at today.

Age, body-type, current fitness level, etc. None of that matters. We can work with anyone who has a desire to learn and a willingness to feel silly from time to time, so leave your ego at the door and come join us.

We view “gym” time as more than just time to sweat and burn calories. That’s going to happen anyway, so why not learn something meaningful and useful in the process and be surrounded by like-minded friends?