We’re big on commitment at Modern Monkey. Before every workout we want to know what are you committing to completing in that workout specifically. It can be a commitment to reps, weights, movement standards, etc. This catches people off-guard in the beginning, especially when we talk so much about scaling, so today we’re going to discuss the why behind it.

After only a few conditioning workouts most people will happily tell you that they are usually hard. They’re hard because you’re breathing heavy, you’re fatigued, the movements can be complex, there is always the notion of the work you still have to get through, because it’s early… The list goes on and on about why they are difficult, but the point is they are ALL hard to some degree and there is a point in every workout where this realization hits us.

If we start down the slippery slope of scaling “on the fly” every time something begins challenging us beyond our current capacity to deal, we stunt our growth. We know deep down inside that we always have an out when things get hard. We’re not fully invested in the workout because there’s no real buy-in. There’s no actual risk of failure and if you can’t fail in something you can’t grow from it either.

When we complete a workout that had us doubting our abilities to do so, there is a greater sense of accomplishment achieved and it’s more than just physical. It’s as if a new part of us is unlocked and there are new boundaries to be explored. There is this thought of, “If I could do that what else can I maybe do?”. The best part is that it doesn’t stop in the gym either. We begin to question other things that we presumed we couldn’t do. After a while we’re even willing to try things that before we would have scoffed at and simply accepted that it was out of our reach.  I’ve experienced it myself for the last 15 years, and I’ve seen it and heard it from others as well that they feel like they have a new sense of confidence and a willingness to try new things.

Think about it. When life gets hard, most times, we don’t get the option to make it easier. No, instead whatever it is must be dealt with and usually on terms other than our own. In our workouts, we have the chance to not only build a more fit and resilient body, but also to build a more fit and resilient mindset. None of that holds true without the upfront commitment though. If you’re a member you know by now that we will always stop you if we feel you are doing something dangerous and too far outside your abilities. Until then, commit to your workouts and do what you set out to do.