Shane found CrossFit in 2005 and it didn’t take long for him to throw in the towel on Mechanical Engineering in exchange for a career as a CrossFit Coach. He cut his teeth at CrossFit Roots in Boulder, Colorado where he continued to learn about many new aspects of fitness as well as earning his L2 and then L3 (2015) as a CrossFit Trainer.

While he doesn’t put much weight into more initials behind a person’s name he does believe that it shows his dedication to his craft, coaching.

A self-taught 35-year old gymnast he appreciates the time and hard work that must be put into learning a higher skill movement and he’s developed a great respect for the mobility that is often overlooked in similar pursuits. He has worked with many “everyday athletes” to overcome mobility challenges and has overcome a few himself.

When not in the gym he and his wife can be found exploring nature or entertaining company at home over a good home cooked meal.